This woman is the definition of all super heroine characters combined. She is strong, resilient and will always achieve the impossible for her loved ones.  She is the foundation that holds everything together and is a representative of love, hope, and compassion. She is irreplaceable and will always, always walk beside you.  This 5’4" queen is my mother who is a game changer every single day. 


To all the mothers who have played an important part in our lives and upbringing; this scarf is dedicated to you.  

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash with mild soap

    Dry clean recommended 

    Hang to dry. Do not stretch, ring or scrunch

    For extra love: groom in the direction of fiber with a light brush

  • Size

    Blanket Scarf

    55" width x66" long

  • Material

    60% alpaca 

    40% wool 


    Fair Traded and Made in Ecuador