Belen, a lively 12-year-old girl, isn’t afraid to take risks, experience new adventures and meet new people. She is the type who carries her heart on her sleeve and will not hesitate to invite you into her world and share memories with you. Her energy draws you in and her love of life is inspiring. 


This scarf is designed with the idea to capture just the tip of this vibrant young girls’ world. So, if you are one who can relate to Belen… or simply one who hopes and wishes to gain a little bit of this girl’s energy (like myself), then this scarf is for you. Because who wouldn’t want to take risks, laugh and love life to the fullest?

  • Care Instruction

    Hand wash with mild soap

    Dry clean recommended 

    Hang to dry. Do not stretch, ring or scrunch

    For extra love: groom in the direction of fiber with a light brush

  • Size

    Classic Scarf 

    25 1/2" wide x 85"long 

  • Material

    60% alpaca 

    40% wool 


    Fair Traded and Made in Ecuador