Don Miguel

Don Miguel


With a world that has become a fast-paced mission to meet content, compassion and patience are becoming rarer virtues  Every so often, you meet someone that, without knowing much about them, will recieve you with open arms. Don Miguel, an Ecuadorian native, is one of those people, that with a simple smile will make you feel like you are family. His kindness, hospitality, and generosity make the oft-cold world that much warmer and tranquil. 


Don Miguel was designed for those gentle souls that bring you back –  just for a second, to a world that whispers, "You will be okay".

  • Care Instruction

    Hand wash with mild soap

    Dry clean recommended 

    Hang to dry. Do not stretch, ring or scrunch

    For extra love: groom in the direction of fiber with a light brush

  • Size

    Classic Scarf 

    25 1/2" wide x 85" long 

  • Material

    60% Alpaca 

    40% Wool 


    Made in Ecuador