We all have that one person in our life that manages to annoy you just the right amount – in my case that person is none other than my own brother. A kid at heart with a mischievous character, who ever since I can remember has always wanted (in another life) to be a Japanese anime character. Aside from his playful ways, he is also caring and one that I have always had unconditional love for. He is my guardian… with a dash of silliness and a splash of annoyance!


Ninja was designed for those who make your life that much more full with their animated and mischievous personality; who manage to brighten your day with their laughter and company.  

  • Care Instruction

    Hand wash with mild soap

    Dry clean recommended 

    Hang to dry. do not stretch, ring or scrunch

    For extra love: groom in the direction of fiber with a light brush

  • Size

    Classic Scarf 

    25 1/2" wide x 85" long 

  • Material

    60% alpaca 

    40% wool 


    Fair Traded and Made in Ecuador